Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate

Our deepest fear is that we are Powerful

beyond measure.(Marianne Williamson)



Mutha Wit Wisdom is devoted to providing high-quality service and satisfaction. Eye will do everything Eye can to empower you as a divine being, and help you manifest the life you envision. Check back later for new updates to the programs and website. There's much more to come!

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Eye believe that life is a Circle with a series of phases that are based upon three principals of BIRTH, DEATH, AND REBIRTH... My ultimate goal is to pass on the tools, the questions and the solutions of Divine Spiritual Strength that are needed in order to face and address all the fears, past traumas, and self esteem issues, that you are experiencing... Establishing hope for a much brighter future, in a way that is available and affordable to all. 

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My Mission...As a Universal Cosmic Mid-Wife... Is to use my Divine Gifts to guide and assist in ways that will uncover the evolutionary season of your transitions from one stage of life to another, we will look at your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual foundations, rebuild and or unblock what is necessary for your growth and ascension above a state of suffering, worrying, or feeling helpless and alone.

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Eye Am Mutha Wit Wisdom, a fifty three year old grandmother of s​ix, and mother of two... Eye am Chickamauga Cherokee, Creek, Black, and Mexican Indian...Eye come from and with a very rich and diverse Matriarchal Ancestral history blessed with many Spiritually Gifted Strong Women and their Spiritual Guides.

Eye believe that we are Spiritual Beings experiencing the Human conditioning called life, which allows us the connection and the ability of being and becoming integrated with all of our beautiful human flaws and our divine spiritual gifts as divine children...

Eye believe that we receive lessons, memories, messages, and connections that allow us to align our spiritual vibration back to its original frequency, of an enlightened higher vibration status.

Eye believe that it is most important for us to realize and know who we are at our Fundamental Divine Core...

Eye believe that societal programming and pressures, have led us to be slaves and willing servants of our egos, which ultimately restricts our ability to reach or even realize our unlimited potential. 

Eye use the word *EYE* instead of the letter *I*, because eye believe it to be an all inclusive word, for my Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual insight and observations. Eye also use it, in the manner of the Ancients as *THE ALL SEEING EYE*... not just as a singular witness integrating data from my two physical eyes... but a Collective Gift and Ability to see, witness, observe, and draw my own conclusions based upon my Divine Third Eye... As a Blessed Divine Vessel... Eye Am Able To See With... Sight Beyond Sight...