About The Womb Of Wisdom

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This website was born from many life lessons...many life experiences past present and future. Universal Womb Wisdom, is a concept that has been coming together for a while now. It is a safe virtual space for those seeking a divine guided inner healing journey…

 Universal Womb Wisdom is all about Rebirthing the Most Authentic Self... it is a unique process that eye created, to help identify and help alleviate, and or resolve your life’s traumas, fears, and anxieties. We will use the Medicine Woman Inner Wisdom as a divine tool on this divine journey to achieve inner peace. Eye am offering several courses that have been designed to help you identify what is blocking your evolutionary progress.

Stay tuned for further updates on future services and courses...

****ABOUT ME****

Eye believe that we are all born with these gifts and abilities, as divine children of a loving creator; some have just learned to use them, while others are just waiting to learn how to use them...

Eye Am Mutha Wit Wisdom, a fifty three year old grandmother of six, and mother of two... Eye am Chickamauga Cherokee, Creek, Black, and Mexican Indian...Eye come from and with a very rich and diverse Matriarchal Ancestral history blessed with many Spiritually Gifted Strong Women and their Spiritual Guides.

Eye have been aware of my gifts as far back as eye can remember, even as a very young child not even in school, eye remember people coming to our house for me to give them the *number* street lottery, they would win, and they would bring my mother gifts, food, cloth to make clothes, jewelry and if they hit big they would give her money... My father found out and put a stop to that quickly, eye can remember them discussing it several times, my mother always for me using and showing off my gifts and my father dead set against it... he feared someone would kidnap me... so if was best if eye hide my gifts from others, eye was always the odd duck...

For me human beings were such a mystery... capable of the sweetest purest form of love one minute... and then capable of being downright hateful spiteful, and brutally cruel the next...

Nature was not so fickle with me... She always accepted me as eye was...and taught me many insightful wise teachings... thus eye spent most of my time with her...and still do when eye can...needless to say...eye have lead a very very interesting life... These are some of the names give to my gifts and abilities:




Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church Ministries

Developing a non-profit organization, designed to decrease human suffering, by addressing and resolving physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges, using Universal Laws to heal from a mind, body soul, and spiritual foundation.

Blog Talk Radio Host

As a *Way Shower and Seed Thrower*... Eye broadcast and interview Guests based upon current event topics viewed from a Spiritual platform...Eye also host, broadcast and interview Guests based upon Sacred Sexuality grounded in the philosophy of Tantra, as a way of life, and not just a highway that leads to sexual pleasure and physical orgasm...

Social Media Blogger

Eye have several *Public Specialty Pages* on Face Book that deal with the subjects of Sacred Sexuality, Self Esteem and Positive Body Image, Esoteric Discussions and Information Exchange, as well as a Personal Page of affirmations, wisdom, and sharing my own personal growth with truth, honor, and transparency...

Residential Administrator of Hope House

Hope House offered transitional housing, for vulnerable adults, and adults with mental health challenges. Hope House, also served as a 24 hour first call for help response station, allowing social workers, and police officers, to bring in walk in clients, to be accessed and evaluated, after hours, eye would do the evaluation and determine if the client would need to stay, or needed hospitalization or another form of help.

Respite Caregiver

Children and adults with physical, and or mental health challenges came to live with my family over the weekends or other scheduled times, in order to allow their parents or caregivers time off.

Residential Care Provider

Overnight care provider, for a residential facility for adults with mental and physical challenges.

Homeless Shelter Intake Worker, Salvation Army

Register clients into the program, answer all incoming calls, give breathalyzer test nightly, in order to determine sobriety. Handle any disputes, answer questions.

United States Department Of Commerce, Census Bureau, Office Supervisor of Recruiting

Train Staff, Schedule and conduct Census Tests, worked Regional Offices in Michigan and Illinois. Supervise the office recruiting team, open and close facility when required, traveled to do Special Places Census (domestic abuse shelters).

Intake Worker with New Horizons

New Horizons is a Domestic Violence Grass Root Organization, eye worked in the office and the shelter, answering phones, going to court with certain clients, helping in the clothing boutique, receiving donations, offering support.

Domestic Violence Intervention Project

Diversity Trainer, worked inside Police Office, data entry of all domestic violence calls into the system, filing, answering phone.

Domestic Abuse Reduction Team (D.A.R.T.)

Make house visits with Police Officers to clients with histories of repeated domestic violence incidents.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Providing care for the elderly in nursing home situations, as well as hospital.

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